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A relationship is defined between two tables named CustTable and CustGroup. Each record in
CustTable references a record in CustGroup.
You need to set up delete actions to ensure that records in CustGroup can only be deleted if
there are no CustTable records that reference or relate to the record.
Which values for the On Delete property for the relation should you specify?

A. None
B. Cascade + Restricted
C. Restricted
D. Cascade

Answer(s): D
You are planning to give a presentation on Microsoft Dynamics AX to your development team.
What should you state as an advantage of creating and using labels?

A. decreases database references
B. provides multi-language and translation support
C. reduces the number of pointers
D. duplicates the value throughout the database

Answer(s): D
You need to determine the output of the following code:Which X++ code segment should you
use to achieve this goal?

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