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Which two capabilities does IPAM provide in a Nutanix networking configuration? (Choose two.)

  1. Allows proxy server settings to be set up for a defined network
  2. Allows AHV to assign IP addresses automatically to VMs using DHCP
  3. Configures a VLAN with an IP subnet and assigns a group of IP addresses
  4. Configures firewall rules to prevent or allow certain TCP/IP traffic

Answer(s): B,C

Which method can be used to migrate a VM configured for UEFI-boot from a Nutanix Hyper-V cluster to AHV?

  1. Live Migration
  2. Storage vMotion
  3. Nutanix Move
  4. Cloud Connect

Answer(s): C

An administrator needs to report on any alerts generated by a Nutanix cluster that affected the cluster's availability over the past 10 days.
Which method should be used to locate these events?

  1. On the Health dashboard, use the Log Collector to export data based on time stamp.
  2. Export the cluster event log to a CSV on the Alerts dashboard.
  3. On the Alerts dashboard, filter based on Impact Type and the desired Time Range.
  4. Configure an Alert Policy to generate an email with the data on the Health dashboard.

Answer(s): C

Reference: v55:mulalerts-management-pc-c.html

CPU utilization climbs above 90% on several VMs. This causes performance degradation for a business-critical application.
How can alerts be configured to notify the administrator before VM CPU utilization hits 90%?

  1. On a CVM, use ncli to set the VM CPU Check threshold for the critical VMs to a value below 90%.
  2. On the Health dashboard, locate the VM CPU Check and lower the alert threshold below 90%.
  3. On a CVM, configure a cron job to run the VM CPU Check more frequently and email the result.
  4. On the Alerts dashboard, ensure that the VM CPU usage alert is not set to auto-resolve.

Answer(s): B

Reference: Prismv5_16:Web-Console-Guide-Prism-v5_16

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