Free NCP-MCI-5.15 Exam Braindumps

Which two capabilities does IPAM provide in a Nutanix networking configuration? (Choose two.)

  1. Allows proxy server settings to be set up for a defined network
  2. Allows AHV to assign IP addresses automatically to VMs using DHCP
  3. Configures a VLAN with an IP subnet and assigns a group of IP addresses
  4. Configures firewall rules to prevent or allow certain TCP/IP traffic

Answer(s): B,C

An administrator needs to ensure that resource are reserved so that all VMs are able to restart in the event of a host failure.
Which steps should the administrator take to ensure the cluster is configured and operating appropriately?

  1. In the Prism Hardware Desktop, select each host and confirm that RF is set to 3 under Host details.
  2. Under the gear icon, select Manage VM high Availability and check Enable HA Reservation
  3. Under the gear Icon, select Degraded Node Setting and confirm that no hosts are degraded.
  4. On a Nutanix CVM, execute the command ncli cluster get-domain fault-tolerance-status type=node

Answer(s): B

What is default behavior for VM High Availability for Nutanix AHV?

  1. VMs restart on other hosts as available resource allow
  2. No VMs restart because HA is not enabled by default
  3. All VMs restart because system reservation are already made
  4. Only VMs with High Availability explicitly enabled will restart

Answer(s): A

An administrator has a 4-node Nutanix cluster running on AHV. The administrator creates a new storage container and makes that all available to all hosts. Which storage protocol is used for Virtual Machines to access virtual disks on the storage container?

  1. NFS
  3. iSCSI
  4. Fiber Channel

Answer(s): C

Which process should a cluster administrator follow to determine the uplink bond configuration node?

  1. Log into the Nutanix CVM and execute the command manage_ovs_update_uplinks
  2. Log into the Nutanix AHV host and execute the command ovs-appctl
  3. Log into the Nutanix AHV host and execute the command ifconfig br0
  4. Log into the Nutanix CVM and execute the command ovs-vsctl show

Answer(s): B