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A customer has a G6 AHV cluster with 4x10GbE NICs on each node and the following configuration:

* Networking is set to default

* Only two NICs are connected

The customer receives the following critical message:

The NIC is disconnected from the switch, or the switchport is failing.

What should the consultant verify to resolve the issue?

  1. The NICs are configured for active-backup.
  2. The VLANs are configured correctly on the switch or tagged on the cluster.
  3. The other two 10GbE connections are removed from the default bond.
  4. The NICs are connected for balance-slb.

Answer(s): A

An administrator is performing a set of routine checks and notes that Prism Central is running with 4 vCPUs and 21 GB RAM. The organizations environment is based on two Nutanix clusters with 170 VMs plus a Legacy vSphere infrastructure. No manual changes have been done on Prism Central VM.

Which configuration justifies the current Prism Central configuration?

  1. Nutanix Move is running on Prism Central to import VMs from the Legacy Cluster.
  2. Prism Central was installed for Large Deployment environments.
  3. Prism Central is running on the legacy duster and requires more RAM.
  4. Nutanix Leapand Nutanix Flow have been enabled on Prism Central

Answer(s): D

Which Nutanix feature creation is described in the Knowledge Transfer?

  1. Calm Blueprints
  3. Self Service Portal
  4. Data Protection Domain

Answer(s): D

A customer wants to expand an existing cluster with three additional nodes. After running the Foundation process on the new nodes, the customer realizes that the wrong IPs where used and the nodes are configured on a different network. The customer decides to create a new cluster instead.

Which method should be used to recreate the cluster?

  1. Log into IPMI and use cluster create command to create the cluster.
  2. Log into CVM and use cluster create command to create the cluster.
  3. Log into Hypervisor and use cluster create command to create the cluster.
  4. Foundation all nodes again and create the cluster.

Answer(s): B

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