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A customer has a G6 AHV cluster with 4x10GbE NICs on each node and the following configuration:

* Networking is set to default

* Only two NICs are connected

The customer receives the following critical message:

The NIC is disconnected from the switch, or the switchport is failing.

What should the consultant verify to resolve the issue?

  1. The NICs are configured for active-backup.
  2. The VLANs are configured correctly on the switch or tagged on the cluster.
  3. The other two 10GbE connections are removed from the default bond.
  4. The NICs are connected for balance-slb.

Answer(s): A

After a consultant runs Foundation, the imaging process fails.

In which two locations can the consultant find the logs? (Choose two.)

  1. On the Hypervisor - /home/nutanix/foundation/logs
  2. Logs link on the Foundation Imaging Screen
  3. On the Foundation VM - /home/nutanix/foundation/logs
  4. On the CVM - /home/Nutanix/foundation/logs

Answer(s): B,C

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