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To achieve online redefinition, incrementally maintainable local materialized views are used.
These logs keep track of the changes to the master tables and are used by the materialized
views during refresh synchronization.

Prior to calling this procedure, you must manual y create an empty interim table (in the same
schema as the table to be redefined) with the desired attributes of the post-redefinition table,
and then call this procedure to initiate the redefinition.
Which two statements are true about the use of the procedures listed in the
v$sysaux_occupants.move_procedure column?

A. The procedure may be used for some components to relocate component data to the
SYSAUX tablespace from its current tablespace.
B. The procedure may be used for some components to relocate component data from the
SYSAUX tablespace to another tablespace.
C. Al the components may be moved into SYSAUX tablespace.
D. Al the components may be moved from the SYSAUX tablespace.

Answer(s): B, D
V$SYSAUX_OCCUPANTS displays SYSAUX tablespace occupant information.
MOVE_PROCEDURE: Name of the move procedure; nul if not applicable

For example, the tables and indexes that were previously owned by the system user can now
be specified for a SYSAUX tablespace. You can query the v$sysaux_occupants view to find the
exact components stored within the SYSAUX tablespace.

Which statement is true about Oracle Net Listener?

A. It acts as the listening endpoint for the Oracle database instance for all local and non-local
user connections.
B. A single listener can service only one database instance and multiple remote client
C. Service registration with the listener is performed by the process monitor (PMON) process of
each database instance.
D. The listener.ora configuration file must be configured with one or more listening protocol
addresses to allow remote users to connect to a database instance.
E. The listener.ora configuration file must be located in the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin

Answer(s): C
Supported services, that is, the services to which the listener forwards client requests, can be
configured in the listener.ora file or this information can be dynamically registered with the
listener. This dynamic registration feature is called service registration. The registration is


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