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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-1001
  • Provider: Oracle
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  • Updated On: 25-May-2020

QUESTION: 1You are creating a sales order and would like to see the sales order as a document. From the
actions drop down menu what should you select?
A. Create Document.B. Order documents are not supported.C. Create PDF (Portable Document Format).D. Edit Additional Information.E. Manage Attachments.
AQUESTION: 2Your company is a manufacturer and distributor of CTO type of products globally, and uses
Global Order Promising to promise its orders. You recently noticed that the promising results
are determining the expected sources globally but not the least-cost ones. You want to
understand the logic used by the GOP engine to derive the least-cost source.Identify the four cost elements used by the cloud Global Order Promising engine to achieve theProfitable-to-Promise objective? (Choose four.)
A. Cost of internal transfers between organizationsB. Storage Cost (when the cost of holding that item in inventory is high)C. Overhead CostD. Resource Consumption Cost (in case the end item is to be manufactured)E. Component CostF. Standard Cost at internal organizations
A, D, E, FQUESTION: 3The order manager in your company likes to monitor order delivery commitments in real time for
customers.Identify the Order Management Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) dashboard
that can be used to get al possible root causes for orders that are not fulfil ed on time.
A. Fulfil ment line in JeopardyB. Orders on BackorderC. Orders on Past DueD. Orders in JeopardyE. Orders on Hold
Orders in jeopardy - Details - The Fulfil ment Lines in Jeopardy Analysis shows the number of
fulfil ment lines that are in jeopardy, using a bar for each jeopardy priority that you have defined.
For example, a range can indicate high, medium, or low jeopardy priorities. You can click a
range bar to dril down to the Manage Fulfil ment Lines page, which displays a list of fulfil ment
lines restricted to the exception type that corresponds to that range, as indicated by an icon in
the Exception Type column.

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