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Select the two valid relationships between sub ledger components.

A. The accounting method holds the accounting rules by Event Class and Event Type.
B. The journal lines hold the journal entry rule sets.
C. The accounting method groups journal entry rule sets by Event Class and Event Type.
D. Journal entry rules are used to hold accounting rules.
E. Journal entry rule sets hold journal rules and accounting rules.

Answer(s): D, E
The process to map the AP invoices to the trade operation charges has completed. Which entity
did the application use to do this?

A. Material Receipts
B. Charge Names
C. Reference Types
D. Routes
E. Trade Operation Template

Answer(s): A
If the Create Accounting process ends with errors or warnings, which three statements outline
places you can go to get more detailed information about the specific errors and warnings?

A. Query the transaction from Review Cost Accounting Distributions to see the error message.
B. Review errors in the Create Accounting Execution report.
C. Refer to the Accounting Event Diagnostic report.
D. Refer to the Accounting Event Diagnostic log.
E Review errors in the Create Accounting Execution log.

Answer(s): B
Which two types of costs are included in the cost of contract manufactured items?

A. The cost of Items that the contract manufacturer had to purchase to perform the contract
manufacturing service, and the cost of resources used by the contract manufacturer
B. The cost of items that the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) owns and has provided to
the contract manufacturer for use in the process of making the output Items
C. The cost of resources consumed at the OEM's factory
D. The cost of the contract manufacturing service Item. This is the price that the contract
E. Manufacturer wil charge to make the outputs and would normally be enough to cover their
costs and include a fair profit.

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