Free 1Z0-1045-20 Exam Braindumps

Your company is looking for a simplified method for managing a group of reports. Identify the type of report used in WMS Cloud that compiles multiple existing reports into a single document while executing each report in a single order.

  1. CrossTab Report
  2. Express Report
  3. Linked Report
  4. Chained Report
  5. Standard Report

Answer(s): D

Identify two correct statements about ASN creation. (Choose two.)

  1. The ASN number can be system generated or manually entered.
  2. Oracle WMS Cloud allows creation of a single/multiple ASN from a PO.
  3. Oracle WMS Cloud only allows creation of a single ASN from a PO.
  4. The ASN number is always auto-generated from a sequence number.

Answer(s): A,B

Which two configurations are necessary to use a pick-to-cart functionality? (Choose two.)

  1. Configure label types for cart capacity
  2. Configure the Print Task setting
  3. Define the OBLPN Types
  4. Define the Cubing Rule
  5. Add the Pick Cart UI to the Receiving personnel's menu

Answer(s): C,E

You are monitoring the progress of the picking wave and notice that a rush order needs to be picked immediately.
Which two steps should you take to complete the Picking Tasks as soon as possible? (Choose two.)

  1. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, and confirm the pick in the UI.
  2. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, select Cancel Task, and re-run the wave.
  3. Manually take the inventory from the location to the shipping area.
  4. Select the tasks and in the Tasks UI, select Change Task Priority to give the task a higher priority.
  5. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, select Assign user, and let the picker know that he/she is to select the
    tasks for immediate pick.

Answer(s): A,E

While working on the configuration of your client, you uncover that the ASNs will always have the correct serial number information interfaced upfront and your client trusts the ASN information. Your client also needs the serial number information to get into WMS Cloud when the items are received from POs.
Which three actions do you need to take, assuming that item A is serial-tracked? (Choose three.)

  1. Set item A's require serial number parameter to "Required, validate and allow user override".
  2. Create the IB Container barcode type.
  3. Create the Serial Number barcode type.
  4. Set the company parameter SERIAL_NUMBER_TRACKING_LEVEL TO 2.
  5. Set item A's require serial number parameter to "Required, don't Validate".

Answer(s): A,B,D