Free 1Z0-1055-20 Exam Braindumps

What is the invoice type of an unapproved, unmatched invoice that was created in the Supplier Portal?

  1. Standard Invoice
  2. Standard invoice request
  3. Credit Memo
  4. Supplier payment request
  5. iSupplier Invoice

Answer(s): B


Standard invoice request: An invoice submitted without a purchase order by a supplier through Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal thatis pending review and approval by the appropriate persons within the deploying company.




You purchased a computer from Company A for 2000 USD. Company B ships you the computer with freight charges of 100 USD. You would like the cost of the computer to include those freight charges.
How can you achieve this?

  1. Choose Match to Receipt.
  2. Enter the Invoice manually and add the freight line.
  3. Choose to Match to Receipt Charges.
  4. Choose to Match to Invoice Lines.
  5. Choose to Match in full to the Purchase Order.

Answer(s): C

Which job role has full access to perform all Functional Setup Manager related activities?

  1. Application System Administrator
  2. Any Functional User
  3. Functional Setup Manager Superuser
  4. IT Security Manager
  5. Application Implementation Consultant

Answer(s): E

A Bill Payable document was paid but has not yet matured.
What is the status of the payment?

  1. In Transit
  2. Cleared
  3. Negotiable
  4. Issued

Answer(s): D

Which reporting tool is used to report on real-time data?

  1. Essbase Cube
  2. Smart View
  3. Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
  4. Oracle Financial Reporting Studio
  5. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

Answer(s): B