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A consulting services company is currently working on a business transformation project for your client, which spans multiple years. At the first period close, the consulting services company has recognized revenue and the accounting entry created is:
Dr Unbilled Receivables 40,000
Cr Revenue 40,000
At the end of the period, the client is sent an associated bill. What would be the corresponding invoice accounting entry? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. Dr Unearned Revenue 40,000Cr Accounts Receivables 40,000
  2. Dr Accounts Receivables 40,000Cr Unbilled Receivables 40,000
  3. Dr Accounts Receivables 40,000Cr Revenue 40,000
  4. Dr Unearned Revenue 40,000Cr Revenue 40,000

Answer(s): B

When implementing Project Performance Reporting, your customer has the following requirements:
·Every time a project cost is greater than or equal to a threshold, then the project should be shown as critical.
·As long as a project cost is less than the threshold, the project should be shown as on-track. Which threshold level rule is ideal for this kind of KPI definition? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. multiple threshold levels
  2. single threshold level value
  3. single threshold level range
  4. multiple threshold level value

Answer(s): B


Performance Status Indicator
Performance status indicators give an immediate picture of the status of a project, such as critical, at risk, and on track. Each distinct icon indicates the status and severity of performance. During KPI definition, you first associate status indicators with performance statuses:
·At risk
·On track
You then associate these statuses with threshold levels. When KPI values are generated for a project, each value is compared to the defined thresholds and the corresponding status indicator for the KPI appears on project performance reports.
A status can identify negative performance so that you can take the appropriate actions to prevent or quickly resolve problems. Conversely, a status can identify positive performance to help you track expected or excellent performance. project-financial-management-applications.html#FAPFM975706 Create Key Performance Indicators
Create key performance indicators (KPI) to measure how well your organization performs an operational, tactical, or strategic activity that is critical for the current and future success of the organization.
Note: To create KPIs you must enable a project unit to track key performance indicators. Use the Threshold Levels section to specify thresholds to indicate the health status of a KPI. Select one of the following options:
·Multiple threshold levels
·Single threshold level value
·Single threshold level range

Reference: performance-data-and-generate-kpis.html#OAPJS16654

Which two privileges are assigned to the Project Plan Management duty in Security Reference Implementation? (Choose two.)

  1. Manage Project Plan Resource Assignment
  2. Transfer Project
  3. View Project Progress
  4. Allocate Project Expense

Answer(s): A,C


Topic ­ Privileges - This table lists privileges granted to duties of the abstract role Project Management Duty.
Granted Role - Project Plan Management
Privilege ­ only A and C are listed

Reference: management/19a/oapjm/index.html#_Toc468200732_1_12

You are implementing Project Portfolio Management for a global professional services organization.

In their Consulting Services line of business, it is common to use resources from different business units based on the skills required. Therefore, cross-charge transactions happen between business units within the same legal entity. Transfer price calculations need to be based on raw costs, with no further adjustments to transfer price.
Identify two setups that can drive this borrowed and lent agreement. (Choose two.)

  1. Transfer price basis must be Raw Cost and calculation method must be Basis Only.
  2. Transfer price basis must be Burdened Cost, and calculation method must be Burden Rate Schedule.
  3. A document entry such as straight time must be enabled for cross-charge transactions.
  4. Transfer price basis must be Raw Cost and calculation method must be Rate Schedule.

Answer(s): A,C

Reference: configuration-define-transfer-pricing.html#OAPFM3094619

You search for resources to fulfill a project resource request but are unable to proceed after receiving the following error message: "The search for resources cannot be completed because the project resource search index is not available. Contact your help desk." Identify the cause for this error message. (Choose the best answer.)

  1. The index is not in the process.
  2. The index has been built.
  3. The index is in the process of being updated.
  4. The most recent update of the index finished successfully.

Answer(s): C


Topic ­ Submitting the Process to Maintain Project Resource Search Index: Procedure Submit the Maintain Project Resource Search Index job set to update the resources that appear on the Search and Evaluate Resources page when a resource manager searches for resources to fulfill project resource requests. The job set consists of a set of processes that facilitate efficient and rapid searches for qualified resources.
Resource managers can't search for resources or view resource details if the search index isn't available for a project resource request with qualifications or keywords. For project resource requests without qualifications and keywords, resource managers can search for and evaluate resources based on resource availability even if the search index isn't current or available. Caution: The search index isn't available if the Maintain Project Resource Search Index job set process fails, or while the process is running.

Reference: project-execution-management-applications.html#FAPFM1724547