Free 1Z0-1069-20 Exam Braindumps

Your organization will be creating a variety of offer letters based on hiring types. Which tools do you need to build the templates the teams will use?

  1. Oracle Recruiting Cloud and BI Publisher plug-in only
  2. a data model and BI Publisher only
  3. a data model, BI Publisher plug-in, MS Word, Oracle Recruiting Cloud
  4. Oracle Recruiting Cloud, BI Publisher, MS Excel

Answer(s): A

Where are Workflow Event alerts configured?

  1. In Content Manager
  2. In BI Publisher
  3. In Alerts Composer
  4. They are not configurable.
  5. In OTBI

Answer(s): B

The Sample Data Model file is which type of file?

  1. RTF
  2. PDF
  3. SAML
  4. HTML
  5. XML

Answer(s): E

The hiring and offering teams are, by default, made up of recruiters, hiring managers and collaborators.
Which lookup type allows you to expand these to include sourcers, interview teams and coordinators?


Answer(s): D

Which statement Is true regarding the maximum number of seats in interview slots ?

  1. only editable upon creation.
  2. always set to 1.
  3. editable after interview slots have already been assigned.
  4. never editable.

Answer(s): C