Free 1Z0-1079 Exam Braindumps

Which of the following methods will allow you to combine Transaction Lines with matching HTS codes when creating a Declaration?

  1. Set up a Declaration Type Profile for your Declaration.
  2. Set up an Aggregation Constraint Set in your Logic Configuration.
  3. Set up a Grouping Constraint Set in your Logic Configuration.
  4. Set up Data Configuration in your Logic Configuration.

Answer(s): A

Which rate component defines how transportation time will be calculated for the Rate?

  1. Rate Distance
  2. Rate Lane
  3. Rate Service
  4. Rate Record
  5. Rate Offering

Answer(s): A

There is one transaction with the TS_CONTROL_SCREENING status gives as TS_CONTROL_SCREENING_FAILED. This status indicates _______.

  1. that it is a License Exception
  2. that it may require a license
  3. nothing is particular. this transaction can just be executed as is
  4. that it is NOT appropriate to execute this transaction

Answer(s): B

Which two statements are correct about product classification assignment for an Item? (Choose two.)

  1. Product Classification Notes can be added to each product classification type assigned to an item.
  2. All the product classifications assigned to an item are deleted automatically by GTM if the item is modified.
  3. If an item has multiple product classification types, then all of them are assigned to a Trade Transaction Line and there is no provision in GTM to filter the product classification types to be assigned to a Trade Transaction Line.
  4. There is a limit of up to five product classification types that can be assigned to an item.
  5. Multiple product classification types can be assigned to an Item.

Answer(s): B,C

During Sanctioned Territory Screening, which of the following business objects is directly used as a parameter input?

  1. Compliance Rule Set
  2. Compliance Rule
  3. Control Code
  4. Control Type
  5. Compliance Rule Set Group

Answer(s): D