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You are working with a client who does not allow the storage of user or schema passwords in
plain text.
How can you configure the Oracle Loader for Hadoop configuration file to meet the
requirements of this client?

A. Store the password in an Access Control List and configure the ACL location in the
configuration file.
B. Encrypt the password in the configuration file by using Transparent Data Encryption.
C. Configure the configuration file to prompt for the password during remote job executions.
D. Store the information in an Oracle wallet and configure the wallet location in the configuration

Answer(s): D
In online database mode, Oracle Loader for Hadoop can connect to the target database using
the credentials provided in the job configuration file or in an Oracle wallet. Oracle Wal et
Manager is an application that wallet owners use to manage and edit the security credentials in
their Oracle wallets. A wallet is a password-protected container used to store authentication and
signing credentials, including private keys, certificates, and trusted certificates needed by SSL.
Note: Oracle Wal et Manager provides the following features:
Your customer has purchased Big Data SQL and wants to set it up to access its Big Data
Appliance Hadoop and Oracle Exadata Database Server.
How should you enable Oracle Big Data SQL on the Big Data Appliance post installation?

A. mammoth bds=TRUE
B. mammoth big_data_sql=TRUE
C. dbmcli enable big_data_sql
D. emcli enable big_data_sql
E. bdacli enable big_data_sql

Answer(s): E
To enable Oracle Big Data SQL:
bdacli enable big_data_sql
Your customer wants to implement the Oracle Table Access for a Hadoop Connector (OTA4H)
to connect the Hadooop cluster to the Oracle database. The customer's Oracle Database is a
Real Application Clusters database.
How should you configure the database listener?

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