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  • Updated On: 23-May-2020


You have a requirement to set up an Expenses object- This object will be used often by
marketing and sales users and you need to create a set of lists to appear on their Expenses
home pages. The marketing users will want lists that search on an Expense Category pick list
field and the sales users wil want lists that search on an Expense Date field. You decided you
wil use a Custom Object for the Expenses object. What recommended best practice should you
keep in mind when setting up the fields for the new Expenses object?

A. Create a new Expense Date field with a Field Type of Date/Time so that your lists can query
correctly for different locales.
B. Select the Required check boxes at the field level for both the Expense Date and Expense
Category fields so all users have to fil in these values.
C. Rename indexed fields to use for the Expense Date and Expense Category fields so your
lists run faster.
D. Deselect the copy enabled check box for the expense date and expense category fields so
your lists run faster.

Answer(s): A
A Date Field is required.

Once a forecast is set up, it typically does not need to be updated unless certain events take
place which two events may require an update of the forecast definition?

A. Creating a new forecast report In Analytics
B. Creating a new access profile for a role including in the forecast
C. Deactivating employees with the roles Included In the forecast
D. Changing the expiration date of the forecast alert message
E. Changing the reporting structure

Answer(s): B, C
After you set up your forecast definition, certain changes that you make to user records will
require you to update your forecast definition settings.

You must update your forecast definition settings after you make the following changes to user
* Adding or removing employees from the roles included in the forecast (B). If you add or
remove employees from employees from the roles that are included in the forecast, you must
update the forecast definition settings.

* Deactivating users who are participants in the forecast hierarchy (C). When an employee
leaves your company, you must change the status for that user to Inactive. If the inactive
employee was a forecast participant, the Reports To field for any forecast users reporting to that
employee must also be updated, unless you select the option to allow forecasts for inactive
users. If you assign users to a new manager when you make a former manager inactive, make
sure that the new manager's role is also included as part of the forecast definition.


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