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An enterprise developer needs to modify the order of interceptor method execution specified by
the Bean Provider, but does NOT have access to the bean's source code. No deployment
descriptor was provided in the ejb-jar delivered by the Bean Provider. Which represents the
solution to this problem?
A. No solution is possible under these conditions.
B. TheDeployer canadd metadataannotations totheejb-jar.
C. The Application Assembler can add metadata annotations to the ejb-jar.
D. TheSystem Administrator can addinterceptorbinding informationatruntime, using
vendorspecific tools.
E. TheApplication Assembler canaddadeployment descriptor totheejb-jarthat includesinterceptor
binding information.
Answer(s): E
A developer writes a session bean which uses several configurable constants.
The constants are all defined as String types in JNDI. This cannot be changed because existing
code is using the same JNDI information. One of the constants is a date, represented in string
format. This date constant is used in multiple business methods of this session bean, actually as
a Date object.
Converting strings to dates is an expensive operation; therefore, the developer wants to do as
little converting as possible.
Which two scenarios can be used to prevent converting from String to Date in every business
method? (Choose two.)

A. Loadthe date string in an instance Date type variablebyannotation of the instance variable
and let the container autoconvert it to a Datetypeautomatically.
B. Load thedate string in an instance String type variablebyannotation of this instance
variableandconvertitto aDatetype object in the beans constructor.
C. Load thedatestringinaninstanceString typevariableby annotationof this instance variable and
convert it to aDate typeobjectin a@PostConstructannotatedmethod.
D. Load the date string in an instance Date typevariableby annotation ofasetter method that
takes a String and which carries out the conversion and assigns the value totheinstance
Answer(s): C, D

Which is a valid PostConstruct method in a message-driven bean class?

A. ?PostConstruct
public boolean initQ {return true; }
B. ?PostConstruct private static void init0 {}
C. ?PostConstruct private void init0 {}
D. ?PostConstruct public static void initQ {}


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