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24. <method>
25. <ejb-name>MrBean</ejb-name>
26. <method-name>storeStuff</method-name>
27. </method>
28. <transaction-attribute>Mandatory</transaction-attribute>
29. </container-transaction>
Which statement is correct about the business methods in MrBean?

A. Al methods have transactionattributeREQUIRED.
B. Al methodshavetransaction attributeMANDATORY.
C. Al methodshavetransaction attribute NONSUPPORTED.
D. Methods with name store Stuff have transaction attributeMANDATORYand all other methods
have transaction attribute REQUIRED.
E. MethodswithnamestoreStuffhavetransaction attribute MANDATORY andall othermethods
have transaction attribute NONSUPPORTED.
F. Methodswithname store Stuff haveatransaction attribute REQUIRED andal other methods
have transaction attribute NOT SUPPORTED.
Answer(s): E
Which four are defined in the EJB specification as a standard EJB role? (Choose four.

A. End Point Provider
B. Persistence Provider
C. NameSpace Provider
D. JSF Interface Provider
E. ApplicationAssembler
F. EJBContainerProvider
G. EnterpriseBeanProvider
Answer(s): B, E, F, G
The syntax of the ORDER BY clause is defined in the Java Persistence API asorderby_clause
::=ORDER BY orderbyjtem {, orderbyjtem}* Which statement is correct about the use of ORDER
BY clauses?

A. Only literals can be specified as an orderbyjtem.
B. Fields or properties of any type can be specified as an orderbyjtem.
C. The ordering must be specified if two or more orderbyjtem methods are provided.
D. If two orderbyjtem methods are provided the left orderbyjtem has the higher precedence.
Answer(s): D
A developer is writing implementation code for an EJB 3.0 message-driven bean class that
processes booking requests. Within the business logic of the onMessage method, a temporary


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