Free 1Z0-931-20 Exam Braindumps

The Oracle Autonomous Database dedicated Exadata infrastructure feature is based upon which Oracle Cloud resources?

  1. Oracle Machine Learning Zeppelin Notebook, Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure, Fleet Administrator, Database Administrator,
  2. Virtual Cloud Network, Compartments, Policies, Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure
  3. Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure, Autonomous Backup, Autonomous Container Database, Autonomous Database
  4. Fleet Administrator, Database Administrator, Database User, Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure

Answer(s): A

Which statement is NOT correct when setting up compartment quotas?

  1. There are three types of quota policy statements which are set, unset and zero.
  2. Compartment quotas use policies that allow allocation of resources with a high level of flexibility.
  3. Along with compartment budgets, compartment quotas create a powerful toolset to manage your spending.
  4. Compartment quotas are set by Oracle.

Answer(s): C

Which three security features are available in Oracle Autonomous Database Shared Infrastructure?

  1. Transparent Data Encryption
  2. Database Vault
  3. Customer Managed Keys
  4. Data Redaction
  5. Audit Vault

Answer(s): A,B,C

Explanation: adb1.html#GUID-89E3C22E-D4EB-472B-8287-41682C2B61B3

Which two license types does the customer need to benefit from BYOL when leveraging on-premise Enterprise Database licenses in Oracle Autonomous Database?

  1. Exadata
  2. Active Data Guard
  3. RAC, but only when scaling beyond 16 OCPUs
  4. Transparent Data Encryption
  5. Multitenant

Answer(s): B,C

When enabling auto-scaling, which three options do not change?

  1. Number of OCPUs displayed in the console.
  2. Amount of storage
  3. I/O resources
  4. parallelism settings
  5. Level of concurrency

Answer(s): D,E