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A. client's digital certificate
B. client's public key
C. server's digital certificate
D. server's private key

Answer(s): A, B
An Interface Management Profile can be attached to which two interface types? (Choose two.)

A. Loopback
B. Virtual Wire
C. Layer 2
D. Layer 3
E. Tap

Answer(s): A, B, D
Which two User-ID methods are used to verify known IP address-to-user mappings?

A. Client Probing
B. Server Monitoring
C. Session Monitoring
D. Captive Portal

Answer(s): A, B
For which firewall feature should you create forward trust and forward untrust certificates?

A. SSH decryption
B. SSL client-side certificate checking
C. SSL Inbound Inspection decryption
D. SSL forward proxy decryption

Answer(s): D
If a DNS sinkhole is configured, any sinkhole actions indicating a potentially infected host are
recorded in which log type?

A. Traffic
B. WildFire Submissions
C. Data Filtering

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