Free PCCET Exam Braindumps

Which analysis detonates previously unknown submissions in a custom-built, evasion-resistant virtual environment to determine real-world effects and behavior?

  1. Dynamic
  2. Pre-exploit protection
  3. Bare-metal
  4. Static

Answer(s): A

Which product from Palo Alto Networks enables organizations to prevent successful cyberattacks as well as simplify and strengthen security processes?

  1. Expedition
  2. AutoFocus
  3. MineMeld
  4. Cortex XDR

Answer(s): D

Which statement describes DevOps?

  1. DevOps is its own separate team
  2. DevOps is a set of tools that assists the Development and Operations teams throughout the software delivery process
  3. DevOps is a combination of the Development and Operations teams
  4. DevOps is a culture that unites the Development and Operations teams throughout the software delivery process

Answer(s): B

Match each description to a Security Operating Platform key capability.
Select and Place:
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

  1. Please refer to Exhibit B for answer.

Answer(s): A

Which item accurately describes a security weakness that is caused by implementing a “ports first” data security solution in a traditional data center?

  1. You may have to use port numbers greater than 1024 for your business-critical applications.
  2. You may have to open up multiple ports and these ports could also be used to gain unauthorized entry into your datacenter.
  3. You may not be able to assign the correct port to your business-critical applications.
  4. You may not be able to open up enough ports for your business-critical applications which will increase the attack surface area.

Answer(s): B