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A company wants to use their Active Directory groups to simplify their Security policy creation from Panorama.

Which configuration is necessary to retrieve groups from Panorama?

  1. Configure an LDAP Server profile and enable the User-ID service on the management interface.
  2. Configure a group mapping profile to retrieve the groups in the target template.
  3. Configure a Data Redistribution Agent to receive IP User Mappings from User-ID agents.
  4. Configure a master device within the device groups.

Answer(s): D


Please match the terms to their corresponding definitions.

  1. Please refer to Explanation below for the answer.

Answer(s): A


Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

As a best practice, which URL category should you target first for SSL decryption*?

  1. Online Storage and Backup
  2. High Risk
  3. Health and Medicine
  4. Financial Services

Answer(s): B

Explanation: practices/decryption-best-practices/plan-ssl-decryption-best-practice-deployment.html Phase in decryption. Plan to decrypt the riskiest traffic first (URL Categories most likely to harbor malicious traffic, such as gaming or high-risk)

Which statement is true regarding a Best Practice Assessment?

  1. It shows how your current configuration compares to Palo Alto Networks recommendations
  2. It runs only on firewalls
  3. When guided by an authorized sales engineer, it helps determine the areas of greatest risk where you should focus prevention activities.
  4. It provides a set of questionnaires that help uncover security risk prevention gaps across all areas of network and security architecture

Answer(s): C

A security engineer needs firewall management access on a Inside interface When three settings are required on an SSI/TVS Service Profile to provide secure Wet) Ui authentication? (Choose three.)

  1. Maximum TLS version
  2. Minimum TLV version
  3. Encryption Algorithm
  4. Certificate
  5. Authentication Algorithm

Answer(s): A,B,D