Free PCSAE Exam Braindumps

Which two advanced attributes can be applied to incident fields when editing? (Choose two.)

  1. Set a field trigger script
  2. Associate to an incident type
  3. Change field type
  4. Change field name

Answer(s): A,B

Reference: management/reference/incident-management-properties.html

Which two options may be added when a content pack is being installed? (Choose two.)

  1. Lists
  2. Roles
  3. Other content packs
  4. Indicator layouts

Answer(s): A,B

Which two situations would an engineer consider when configuring classification and mapping for an incident type? (Choose two.)

  1. When creating incidents from the XSOAR REST API
  2. When manually creating an incident from the UI
  3. When adding a new analyst account to XSOAR
  4. When fetching many different incident types from a single mailbox

Answer(s): A,B

When mapping incoming data to incident fields, which statement is correct?

  1. Data that is not mapped is placed under labels
  2. Only text fields are classified
  3. Classification cannot be used if mapping is enabled
  4. Every incoming field must be mapped

Answer(s): D


What does Script helper contain?

  1. Available commands
  2. Permission settings
  3. Automation version history
  4. Automation timeout configuration

Answer(s): A