Free PSE-Cortex Exam Braindumps

A General Purpose Dynamic Section can be added to which two layouts for incident types? (Choose two)

  1. "Close" Incident Form
  2. Incident Summary
  3. Incident Quick View
  4. "New"/Edit" Incident Form

Answer(s): B,C

If a customer activates a TMS tenant and has not purchased a Cortex Data Lake instance.

Palo Alto Networks will provide the customer with a free instance

What size is this free Cortex Data Lake instance?

  1. 1 TB
  2. 10 GB
  3. 100 GB
  4. 10 TB

Answer(s): A

The customer has indicated they need EDR data collection capabilities, which Cortex XDR license is required?

  1. Cortex XDR Pro per TB
  2. Cortex XDR Prevent
  3. Cortex XDR Endpoint
  4. Cortex XDR Pro Per Endpoint

Answer(s): C


A prospect has agreed to do a 30-day POC and asked to integrate with a product that Demisto currently does not have an integration with. How should you respond?

  1. Extend the POC window to allow the solution architects to build it
  2. Tell them we can build it with Professional Services.
  3. Tell them custom integrations are not created as part of the POC
  4. Agree to build the integration as part of the POC

Answer(s): A

An Administrator is alerted to a Suspicious Process Creation security event from multiple users.

The users believe that these events are false positives Which two steps should the administrator take to confirm the false positives and create an exception? (Choose two )

  1. With the Malware Security profile, disable the "Prevent Malicious Child Process Execution" module
  2. Within the Malware Security profile add the specific parent process, child process, and command line argument to the child process whitelist
  3. In the Cortex XDR security event, review the specific parent process, child process, and command line arguments
  4. Contact support and ask for a security exception.

Answer(s): D