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Which option is required to activate/retrieve a Device Management License on the M.100 Appliance after the Auth Codes have been activated on the Palo Alto Networks Support Site?

  1. Generate a Tech Support File and call PANTAC
  2. Select Device > Licenses and click activate feature using authorization code
  3. Select PANORAMA > Licenses and click Activate feature using authorization code
  4. Generate a State Dump File and upload it to the Palo Alto Network support portal

Answer(s): C

What are two core values of the Palo Alto Network Security Platform? (Choose two)

  1. Sale enablement of all applications
  2. Deployment of multiple point-based solutions to provide full security coverage
  3. Prevention of cyberattacks
  4. Threat remediation
  5. Defense against threats with static security solution

Answer(s): B,C

Which three actions should be taken before deploying a firewall evaluation unit in the customer's environment? (Choose three.)

  1. Inform the customer that they will need to provide a SPAN port for the evaluation unit assuming a TAP mode deployment.
  2. Request that the customs make port 3978 available to allow the evaluation unit to communicate with Panorama.
  3. Reset the evaluation unit to factory default to ensure that data from any previous customer evaluation is removed.
  4. Upgrade the evaluation unit to the most current recommended firmware, unless a demo of the upgrade
    process is planned.
  5. Set expectations around which information will be presented in the Security Lifecycle Review because
    sensitive information may be made visible.

Answer(s): A,C,D

How does SSL Forward Proxy decryption work?

  1. SSL Forward Proxy decryption policy decrypts and inspects SSL/TLS traffic from internal users to the web.
  2. The SSL Forward Proxy Firewall creates a certificate intended for the client that is intercepted and altered by the firewall.
  3. If the server's certificate is signed by a CA that the firewall does not trust, the firewall will use the certificate only on Forward Trust.
  4. The firewall resides between the internal client and internal server to intercept traffic between the two.

Answer(s): A

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