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E. Only enable User-ID on trusted zones

Answer(s): A, C, D
A specific URL keeps appearing in URL filtering log entries, it was blocked successfully, but the
administrator would like to investigate further.
In which two ways would AutoFocus help this administrator? (Choose two.)

A. Generate a list of IP addresses for use in Dynamic Address Groups on the firewall
B. Identify malicious files associated with this URL
C. Generate a correlation object that can be used to monitor associated activities
D. Identify malware campaigns associated with this URL

Answer(s): A, D
The botnet report displays a confidence score of 1 to 5 indicating the likelihood of a botnet
Which three sources are used by the firewall as the basis of this score? (Choose three.)

A. Bad Certificate Reports
B. Traffic Type
C. Botnet Reports
D. Number of Events
E. Executable Downloads
F. Threat Landscape

Answer(s): B, D, E
A client chooses to not block uncategorized websites.
Which two additions should be made to help provide some protection? (Choose two.)

A. A security policy rule using only known URL categories with the action set to allow
B. A file blocking profile to security policy rules that allow uncategorized websites to help reduce
the risk of drive by downloads
C. A URL filtering profile with the action set to continue for unknown URL categories to security
policy rules that allow web access
D. A data filtering profile with a custom data pattern to security policy rules that deny
uncategorized websites

Answer(s): A, C

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