Free PSE-PRISMACLOUD Exam Braindumps

How can you use Prisma Public Cloud to identify Amazon EC2 instances that have been tagged as "Private?

  1. Create an RQL config query to identify resources with the tag "Private."
  2. Create an RQL network query to identify traffic from resources tagged "Private."
  3. Open the Asset Dashboard, filter on tags: and choose "Private."
  4. Generate a CIS compliance report and review the "Asset Summary."

Answer(s): C

What are two ways to initially deploy a VM-Series NGFW in Microsoft Azure? (Choose two.)

  1. through ARM Templates in the GitHub Repository
  2. through Solution Templates in the Azure Marketplace
  3. through Expedition in the Customer Success Portal
  4. through Iron Skillets in the GitHub Repository

Answer(s): A,C

Which two items are required when a VM-100 BYOL instance is upgraded to a VM-300 BYOL instance? (Choose two.)

  1. UUID
  2. new Auth Code
  3. CPU ID
  4. API Key

Answer(s): A,C


In a public cloud deployment, if your firewall is licensed with the BYOL option, you must Deactivate VM before you change the instance type or VM type and apply the license again on the firewall after you complete the model or instance upgrade. When you change the instance type, because the firewall has a new UUID and CPU ID, the existing license will no longer be valid.

What are two ways to enable interface swap when deploying a VM-Series NGFW in Google Cloud Platform? (Choose two.)

  1. run the PAN-OS CLI command: set system mgmt-interface-swap enable yes
  2. run the PAN-OS CLI command: set system mgmt-interface-swap setting enable yes
  3. create a bootstrap file that includes the mgmt-interface-swap command
  4. in the Google Cloud Console Metadata Field, enter a key-value pair where mgmt-interface-swap is the key and enable is the value

Answer(s): C,D


Which three services can Google Cloud Security Scanner assess? (Choose three.)

  1. Google Kubernetes Engine
  2. BigQuery
  3. Compute Engine
  4. App Engine
  5. Google Virtual Private Cloud

Answer(s): A,C,D