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How can you use Prisma Public Cloud to identify Amazon EC2 instances that have been tagged as "Private?

  1. Create an RQL config query to identify resources with the tag "Private."
  2. Create an RQL network query to identify traffic from resources tagged "Private."
  3. Open the Asset Dashboard, filter on tags: and choose "Private."
  4. Generate a CIS compliance report and review the "Asset Summary."

Answer(s): C

How can you create a custom compliance standard in Prisma Public Cloud?

  1. Generate a new Compliance Report.
  2. Create compliance framework in a spreadsheet then import into Prisma Public Cloud.
  3. From Compliance tab, clone a default framework and customize.
  4. From Compliance tab > Compliance Standards, click "Add New."

Answer(s): D


Which three types of security checks can Prisma Public Cloud perform? (Choose three.)

  1. compliance where
  2. network where
  3. user where
  4. config where
  5. event where

Answer(s): A,B,E

What are two examples of Amazon Web Services logging services? (Choose two.)

  1. CloudLog
  2. CloudEvent
  3. CloudWatch
  4. CIoudTrail

Answer(s): C,D

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