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  • Exam Number: PEGACSA-V6-2
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  • Questions: 341
  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

Topic 1, Volume A

Which two statements are true about Activity step pages? (Choose Two)

A. The step page always corresponds to the class named in the Applies To key part of the
B. Step pages are automatical y removed when an Activity ends
C. The step page sets the default page context for the duration of the step's execution
D. Named step pages are not required for each step of an Activity

Answer(s): C, D
Which Activity method is used to view the contents of a step page in XML format? (Choose

A. Page-New
B. Show-Page
C. Property-Set
D. Step pages cannot be viewed as XML

Answer(s): B
Which two are characteristics of the primary page of an Activity? (Choose Two)

A. It is a clipboard page named Primary
B. It is the default location of properties referenced with a dot and no preceding page name
C. It is the same as the parameter page
D. It is a clipboard page of the Applies To class of the activity or one of its ancestors

Answer(s): B, D
What is the transition in an Activity used for? (Choose One)

A. To repeat a step several times, or until a condition is met
B. To change the harness display
C. To jump to a previous step in the Activity
D. To specify conditional processing which is evaluated after the method in the step is executed

Answer(s): D
Which of the following can an activity do that a data transform cannot? (Choose One)

Free PEGACSA-V6-2 Exam Questions & Answers


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