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Which two factors do you inspect to assess the general health of the adaptive models in Prediction Studio? (Choose Two.)

  1. Model transparency
  2. Insights
  3. Performance of the models
  4. Number of decisions

Answer(s): A,C

To enable an assessment of its reliability, the Adaptive Model produces three outputs: Propensity.
Performance and Evidence.
The performance of an Adaptive Model that has not collected any evidence is_____________________.

  1. 1-0
  2. null
  3. 0.5
  4. 0.0

Answer(s): D

When defining outcomes for an Adaptive Model you must define_________________.

  1. only negative behavior values
  2. positive, negative and neutral behavior values
  3. one or more positive behavior values
  4. behavior values to be ignored

Answer(s): A

evidence an assessment of its viability, the Adaptive Model produces three outputs: Propensity, Performance and What is evidence in the context of an Adaptive Model?

  1. The likelihood of a statistically similar behavior
  2. The number of customers who exhibited statistically similar behavior
  3. The number of statistical bins used to evaluate the response
  4. The number of customers who have responded to the modeled offer

Answer(s): D

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