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In which three situations can you use a data transform? (Choose Three)

  1. To set the destination location as the arrival location
  2. To create a new property after case creation
  3. To set the default arrival date to five days in the future
  4. To copy the first and last name properties into a single property value
  5. To perform an action that allows the user to update a reservation

Answer(s): C,D,E

Customers check their membership status with a company loyalty program by entering their full name and member ID number. Once the membership status is returned, the customer either abandons the case or makes changes to their membership. If the member chooses to make changes, a case ID is assigned to the request.

Which two configurations, when applied in combination, achieve this behavior? (Choose Two)

  1. Configure the stage to resolve the case.
  2. Configure the case type to create temporary cases.
  3. Add a decision step to the process.
  4. Add a Persist case step to the case life cycle.

Answer(s): C,D

Which two dependencies do you directly enforce with a Wait step? (Choose Two)

  1. Pausing a case until a predetermined time expires
  2. Pausing a case until a user submits a specified value
  3. Pausing a case until another case reaches a specified status
  4. Pausing a case until a new child case is created

Answer(s): B,C

An international online car parts business wants customers to find parts for any vehicle easily. You are asked to implement the following requirement: Customers muse select a make, model, and year to initiate a vehicle-specific search.

How do you configure the data storage in the application to implement the requirement?

  1. Configure a data page to store the make, model, and year vehicle data.
  2. Configure a connection to an external system of record that contains the make, model, and year vehicle data.
  3. Configure a static list of the make, model, and year vehicle data.
  4. Configure a local data storage of the make, model, and year vehicle data.

Answer(s): B

Free PEGAPCSA84V1 Exam Questions & Answers


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