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Which is a purpose of using a risk maturity model?

  1. Identify where the application of risk management within an organization can be improved
  2. Understand the nature of risks facing an organization and the actions needed to respond
  3. Provide independent risk information at key decision points within a programme or project
  4. Show to which organizational activities risk management should be applied

Answer(s): A

Which does the SWOT analysis technique help to identify about an organization?

  1. Long-term trends
  2. Stakeholder views
  3. Corporate governance requirements
  4. Internal strengths

Answer(s): D

Which technique can be used to clarify potential sources of risks across an activity?

  1. Probabilistic risk models
  2. Summary risk profiles
  3. Risk breakdown structure
  4. Decision trees

Answer(s): C

What objectives are associated with decisions on risks to the achievement of long-term goals?

  1. Strategic
  2. Programme
  3. Project
  4. Operational

Answer(s): A

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