Free MOR Exam Braindumps

Which is a purpose of using a risk maturity model?

  1. Identify where the application of risk management within an organization can be improved
  2. Understand the nature of risks facing an organization and the actions needed to respond
  3. Provide independent risk information at key decision points within a programme or project
  4. Show to which organizational activities risk management should be applied

Answer(s): A

What provides an analysis of trends of risks in different risk categories?

  1. Risk management strategy
  2. Risk progress report
  3. Risk communications plan
  4. Risk improvement plan

Answer(s): B

Which risk response option 'takes the chance' that the risk will occur, with its full impact if it did?

  1. Accept the risk
  2. Transfer the risk
  3. Share the risk
  4. Prepare contingent plans

Answer(s): A

What does a 'risk management strategy' describe?

  1. Series of steps needed to implement risk management
  2. Specific risk management practices that will be performed within an activity
  3. Risk management policies that will be implemented throughout an organization
  4. Processes required to improve risk management within an organization

Answer(s): B

Which BEST describes an area of uncertainty at the strategic perspective?

  1. Changes to scope, quality, cost and schedule of business products
  2. Impact of business changes on current organizational performance
  3. Ability of the infrastructure to meet the required level of service
  4. Stakeholder opinions of operational activities that may affect the organizational reputation

Answer(s): D