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During validation of a project solution, the business analyst discovers that a requirement has been altered. Instead of placing the company logo in the upper-left corner of the window, it is displayed in the upper-right corner. When the business analyst asks the developer about the change, the developer says that one of the stakeholders asked directly for the change.

Which correct action should the business analyst take?

  1. Confront the stakeholder that requested the change.
  2. Follow the change control process as defined in the business analysis plan.
  3. Discuss the change in the next stakeholder meeting.
  4. Ask the developer to correct the logo as stated in the requirement.

Answer(s): C

A company is developing a new e-commerce platform to enter a new market segment. Development is well under way when the government issues a new set of regulations.

Which course of action should the business analyst take?

  1. Check the traceability matrix to identify affected use cases.
  2. Evaluate if the new set of regulations is aligned with the business case.
  3. Evaluate the impact of the change on the project schedule.
  4. Obtain management sign-off on the new set of regulations.

Answer(s): C

Requirements elicitation for a project is occurring. The marketing, acquisition, and production departments want to include specific requirements. The CEO has a requirement to deploy in three months.

Which of the following actions will have a greater influence on the project success?

  1. Estimate the effort required for each requirement and develop as many functionalities as possible.
  2. Prioritize and develop the requirements of the marketing department since the project will impact a greater number of people.
  3. Conduct a stakeholder analysis and balance requirements by understanding the relative power associated with each stakeholder group.
  4. Explain the situation to the CEO and try to obtain an extension of the contract for the actual time necessary to develop the system.

Answer(s): C

A stakeholder wants to modify an existing feature. Which of the following would be used to determine the scope of the change on the product?

  1. Sequence diagram
  2. Requirements traceability matrix
  3. Requirements attributes table
  4. Project schedule and cost baseline

Answer(s): B


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Sultan 9/23/2023 11:54:44 AM
Q- 91(During a requirements workshop, sponsors and managers from different departments express varying points of view and priorities about the product’s functions and requirements. The business analyst struggles with facilitating the group to reach an agreement. What should the business analyst have defined to avoid this? The correct answer is A NOT B. Because here we are taking about BA not PM.