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A sponsor requests a new requirement. The business analyst explains that most of the information needed for this requirement does not exist and that the requirement cannot be implemented. The business analyst recommends deferring the requirement until the needed information is available and then adding it to a subsequent project. The sponsor agrees.

What should the business analyst do next?

  1. Mark the requirement as complete so that it is not forgotten.
  2. Ask the stakeholder to review the requirement before any other action is taken.
  3. Communicate that the status of this requirement has changed.
  4. Bring the subsequent project to the change control board (CCB).

Answer(s): C

What should a business analyst do after discovering that two solution requirements conflict?

  1. Communicate the conflict to stakeholders and facilitate a resolution.
  2. Update the requirements baseline and upload it to the project repository.
  3. Perform an impact analysis and propose a lower-cost alternative,
  4. Consult the sponsor(s) and log the constraint.

Answer(s): A


A business analyst is working on a project to implement a new call management system for a help desk. They expected the average time interval to answer a call to decrease over time, but the interval has increased instead.

Which technique should the business analyst use to investigate the problem?

  1. Observation
  2. Process modeling
  3. Root cause analysis
  4. Interviews

Answer(s): C

In the middle of a project, a new requirement was added to the scope. The business analyst must determine if any impacts, dependencies, or risks are associated with the addition to the scope.

What task should the business analyst perform in order to identify these impacts?

  1. Manage requirements traceability.
  2. Manage assumptions and constraints.
  3. Manage solution scope.
  4. Manage requirements prioritization.

Answer(s): C

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Sultan 9/23/2023 11:54:44 AM
Q- 91(During a requirements workshop, sponsors and managers from different departments express varying points of view and priorities about the product’s functions and requirements. The business analyst struggles with facilitating the group to reach an agreement. What should the business analyst have defined to avoid this? The correct answer is A NOT B. Because here we are taking about BA not PM.