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Which of the following techniques contrasts the current and desired business views to analyze possible business changes?

  1. SWOT analysis
  2. Impact analysis SWOT analysis
  3. Gap analysis
  4. Trend analysis

Answer(s): A


Midway through the requirements gathering phase, a stakeholder informs the business analyst that a requested requirement does not address the solution. The stakeholder wants to know who made the request. The business analyst spends hours searching emails to identify the requestor.

What should the business analyst have documented?

  1. The source in the requirements traceability matrix
  2. The source in the RACI matrix
  3. Roles and responsibilities in the RACI matrix
  4. Sponsor approval in the requirements traceability matrix

Answer(s): C


How can a SWOT analysis help when deciding between several possible options to address a business problem?

  1. It can help the project sponsor to determine the valuation of each option.
  2. It can help the stakeholders identify the strengths and weaknesses of each option.
  3. It can help the product owner to determine opportunity cost of not choosing an option.
  4. It can help the stakeholders to determine how to avoid the threats of each option.

Answer(s): B


Two weeks prior to the delivery date, a customer changes the business requirements. What should the business analyst do?

  1. Deliver the existing product and then begin work on the requested changes.
  2. Ask the developers to implement the changes.
  3. Trace the requirements and measure the impact of the requested changes on the existing delivery date.
  4. Schedule a review by the change control board (CCB) to determine next steps.

Answer(s): D

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Sultan 9/23/2023 11:54:44 AM
Q- 91(During a requirements workshop, sponsors and managers from different departments express varying points of view and priorities about the product’s functions and requirements. The business analyst struggles with facilitating the group to reach an agreement. What should the business analyst have defined to avoid this? The correct answer is A NOT B. Because here we are taking about BA not PM.