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To use RLTV, financial institutions need to ensure they currently use which of the following features?

  1. Both Enhanced Collateral Management and Total Exposure
  2. Enhanced Collateral Management
  3. Total Exposure
  4. None of the above

Answer(s): B

When copying/cloning Collateral Management records in nCino, which field allows an end-user to include associated sub collateral records?

  1. Quantity
  2. Bulk Update
  3. Include Collateral Children
  4. Advance Rate
  5. Include Collateral Hierarchy

Answer(s): C

The Product Catalog is configured on the back end by using what tool?

  1. Copy Loan Plus Tool
  2. DM Admin Tool
  3. Standard Cloner Tool
  4. Document Manager Tab

Answer(s): B

What determines the available choices of Product Line, Product Type, and Product picklists?

  1. Field Level Security
  2. Field Dependencies
  3. Clickback protection
  4. Workflow + Field update

Answer(s): B

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