Free ADM-211 Exam Braindumps

_________is a procedural scripting language that is written in discrete pieces, uses a syntax that looks like Java and acts like database stored procedures, and arc executed entirely on the platform.

  1. S-Controls
  2. HTML
  3. PHP
  4. Ajax
  5. Apex

Answer(s): E

What functionality can be used to create a new related record when a user saves a record?

  1. Validation rule.
  2. Work flow rule.
  3. Visual force page.
  4. Apex trigger.

Answer(s): D

What actions occur before a request enters the first approval step?

  1. final approval actions
  2. final rejection actions
  3. Initial submission actions
  4. Step actions

Answer(s): C

What tools are available to help troubleshoot issues with an approval process?
(Select all that apply)

  1. Approval History related list
  2. Visual force Pages
  3. Sales force email logs
  4. Apex triggers

Answer(s): A,C

Which element would you use to route the flow differently based on whether the customer is interested in the product promotion, shipping promotion, or not interested?

  1. Step
  2. Screen
  3. Decision
  4. Assignment

Answer(s): C