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A Salesforce Admin at Universal Containers needs an efficient way to update the colour palette in their newly created Community.

What three things should the Salesforce Admin do to brand this Community using Community Builder?

Choose 3 answers.

  1. Upload the Universal Containers logo image to create a custom color palette.
  2. Choose colors for the text and border elements.
  3. Adjust the colour palette from the Salesforce1 mobile app.
  4. Apply a colour scheme that is appropriate for the template all at once with the colour palette.
  5. Submit a URL reference of a site where the colour palette will be matched automatically.

Answer(s): A,B,D

Universal Containers wants its Community users to have the ability to log in using Facebook and Google.

Which set of features should the Administrator use to achieve this goal?

Select one or more of the following:

  1. Custom Lightning Component and Apex Class
  2. Single Sign-on and AppExchange
  3. Auth Provider and Flow
  4. Auth Provider and Registration Handler

Answer(s): D

The Universal Containers research lab is publishing its latest research into knowledge articles assigned to the data category "Container Best Practices." The community manager wants to make sure that all these articles show up for Community users in the topic area of "Tips and Techniques." How should the administrator ensure this happens?

Select one or more of the following:

  1. Create a "Tips and Techniques" knowledge category and ask the lab to reassign their articles
  2. Create a workflow rule that assigns the "Tips and Techniques" topic to all knowledge of articles in that category
  3. Ask the lab to assign this topic to all articles as part of their quality control process before publishing
  4. Set up automatic topic assignment and map the "Container Best Practices" category to the "Tips and

    Techniques" topic

Answer(s): D

Universal Containers wants to create a Customer Community venue product line with the following requirements:

- Use the customer service template

- Track Community members' login countries

- Display SharePoint documents for the customer

- Display product documentation from Adobe Experience Manager

Which three integrations what do Community Cloud consultant need to configure to meet these requirements?

Choose 3 answers

Select one or more of the following:

  1. SharePoint Web Services
  2. Files Connect
  3. CMS Connect
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Salesforce Knowledge

Answer(s): B,C,D

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