Free ANC-101 Exam Braindumps

After loading data to Einstein Discovery and creating a story, the client asks the Einstein Consultant to explain the "Unexplained Bar" in the "Why it Happened" chart.
Which explanation is correct?

  1. It should always be 0 or the model should not be used.
  2. It shows the difference between the predicted outcome and the observed outcome.
  3. It displays the difference between the analyzed data and the data not reviewed.
  4. It only appears for outcomes that do not have an explanation.

Answer(s): B

Insights in a story show you how different variables and combinations of variables explain the variation of what kind of variable?

  1. Explanatory variable
  2. Outcome variable
  3. Global variable
  4. Local variable
  5. Tertiary variable

Answer(s): B


When you configure the story, you tell Einstein Discovery to maximize/minimize the variable. The variable is 'outcome variable' in your story

Yasmine told Danielle she's interested in using the artificial intelligence provided by Einstein Discovery to enhance analysis Mosaic probably wouldn't have considered through their own means.
How can Danielle use Einstein Analytics to load data into Einstein Discovery?

  1. It's not possible. Danielle will need to log into Einstein Discovery and import the data from there.
  2. Danielle needs a permission set containing the Download Analytics Data permission, then she can use the Export node to load data into Einstein Discovery.
  3. Danielle needs a permission set containing the Upload External Data to Analytics permission, then she can log into Einstein Discovery and import the data from there.
  4. Data loaded into Einstein Analytics as datasets can then be used in Einstein Discovery without a separate load process.

Answer(s): D

You can get data into Einstein Discovery:

  1. By connecting a USB drive to your laptop
  2. By using an Einstein analytics dataset
  3. Only if your database administrator does it for you
  4. Only if Salesforce does it for you

Answer(s): B

Explanation: basics/wave_get_smart_data_discovery_and_data

What's the magic of faceting?

  1. It binds charts together so that selecting something in one chart filters other charts by that choice.
  2. It shifts the time period of the chart you're viewing.
  3. It turns the dataflow on and off.
  4. It creates a chart that shows all the faces of your data in a diamond chart.

Answer(s): A