A Digital Developer has been given a specification to integrate with a REST API for retrieving weather conditions. The service expects parameters to be form encoded.

Which service type should the Developer register?

  1. FTP
  2. SOAP
  3. HTTP Form
  4. WebDAV

Answer(s): C

A developer working on a multi-country site is asked to store country-specific data that drives the creation of a country selector. Examples of the data stored are:
Pricebook to be used
Image URL for country flag

The data used in staging also applies in production, but only for this site. Which approach should the developer take to implement these requirements?

  1. Extend the Locale System Object to contain the custom data for each country
  2. Create a replicable, site-specific Custom Object with the custom data for each country
  3. Create a replicable, organization scope Custom Object with the custom data for each country
  4. Create site-specific content assets to store the data for each country

Answer(s): A

A Storefront is designed so that multiple pages share a common header and footer layout.
Which ISML tag should a developer use on the templates for these pages to avoid code repetition in the most effective way?

  1. <isreplace>…</isreplace>
  2. <isinclude>…</isinclude>
  3. <iscontent>…</iscontent>
  4. <isdecorate>…</isdecorate>

Answer(s): A

Below is a form definition snippet from the newsletter.xml file.

Which line of code creates a JSON object to contain the form data?

  1. server.form.getForm(‘dwfrm_newsletter’)
  2. server.forms.getForm(‘newsletter’)
  3. server.form.getForm(‘newsletter’)
  4. server.forms.getForm(‘dwfrm_newsletter’)

Answer(s): C

Which method is efficient and scalable because it uses the product search index rather than searching the database?

  1. ProductAvailabilityModel.isOrderable()
  2. ProductVariationModel.getVariants()
  3. ProductIndexModel.getOrderableProductsOnly()
  4. ProductSearchModel().getProductSearchHits()

Answer(s): D