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A Digital Developer suspects a logical error in a script. Which action will help locate the error?

  1. Submit a support ticket to B2C Commerce.
  2. Check request logs for evidence of the logical error.
  3. Put breakpoints in the code, debug, and examine variable values.
  4. Print all values in the script node called before the current script.

Answer(s): B

Once the Cache Information tool of the storefront toolkit is enabled, how can a Digital Developer view caching information for a particular component of the page?

  1. Hover over the caching icons now present on the storefront.
  2. Open the Request Logs to view the caching information.
  3. Start a pipeline debugging session and view the caching information provided.
  4. Right-click on the component in UX Studio and view the caching properties of the file.

Answer(s): A

A Digital Developer is working in a sandbox on a site named test-site using the domain The Developer needs to compile a url to make an Open Commerce API (OCAPI) request that returns product information.
By default, which URL format is a proper Open Commerce API for Sandbox?


Answer(s): C

A Digital Developer needs to add a new form to the shopping cart page to allow customers to enter their rewards pass ID. There is already an existing Cart.js controller that handles processing of the other cart forms. In addition, a form field node is in the form XML and the necessary form input is present in the ISML template.

The code below is the submit button for the ISML markup.

What additional steps must occur before the Digital Developer can begin writing the processing code for this request?

Answer(s): C

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