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Universal Containers is preparing their storefront to use Open Commerce APIs (OCAPI).
To which hook should the Digital Developer move taxation logic to ensure consistent order totals within B2C Commerce?


Answer(s): B

A digital instance has one site, with one master product catalog separate from the site catalog. Some, but NOT all, products in the master catalog are assigned to categories of the site catalog.
Using Business Manager, how can a Digital Developer create a catalog export file that contains only the products assigned to the site catalog?

  1. Use the Catalog Export module to export the site catalog.
  2. Use the Catalog Export module to export the master catalog, with a category-assignment search to export specific products.
  3. Use the Site Import & Export module to export both the site catalog and the master catalog in a single archive.
  4. Use the Site Import & Export module to export the master catalog, filtered by site catalog categories to export specific products.

Answer(s): B

A Digital Developer is asked to optimize controller performance by lazy loading scripts as needed instead of loading all scripts at the start of the code execution.
Which statement should the Developer use to lazy load scripts?

  1. importPackage () method
  2. $.ajax () jQuery method
  3. local include
  4. require () method

Answer(s): D

A Digital Developer is inspecting the weekly service status report for a critical internally-hosted web service used in the application and notices that there are too many instances of unavailability.
Which two solutions are possible options to reduce the unavailability of the service? (Choose two.)

  1. Modify the code that makes the request to the external service to be wrapped in a try / catch block.
  2. Change the code that makes the request to set the throwOnError attribute, of the service, to be true.
  3. Increase the web service time out.
  4. Update the external service to have a faster response time.

Answer(s): A,D

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