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A Digital Developer must resolve a performance issue with product tiles. The Developer determines that the product tiles are NOT being cached for a long enough period.
Which two methods can the Developer use to verify the cache settings for the product tiles? (Choose two.)

  1. Enable cache information in the storefront toolkit and view the cache information for the product tile.
  2. View the cache information provided by the Merchant Tools > Technical Reports Business Manager module.
  3. View the product list page cache settings provided in the Administration > Manage Sites Business Manager module.
  4. Enable the template debugger to verify the cache times for the producttile.isml template.

Answer(s): A,C

A Digital Developer is working on a multi-site realm. A new site requires a different layout for the account landing page. The business logic and data model remain the same. The existing code is in AccountControl.js and accountlanding.isml in the app_storefront cartridge. The app_storefront cartridge contains code for all other business functions. The cartridge path for the new site is currently int_cybersource:int_paypal:app_storefront.
The Developer creates a new cartridge named app_newsite that contains only the accountlanding.isml template for the new site.

Which modification should be made to the new cartridge path?

  1. Set the cartridge path so that app_newsite is before app_storefront.
  2. Set the cartridge path so that app_storefront is before int_cybersource.
  3. Set the cartridge path to include only app_newsite.
  4. Set the cartridge path so that app_newsite is after app_storefront.

Answer(s): B

A Digital Developer creates a B2C Commerce server connection in their UX Studio workspace. The Developer adds new cartridges to the workspace, but the cartridges do NOT execute as the Developer expects.

Which three things should the Digital Developer verify to ensure the cartridges are uploaded? (Choose three.)

  1. The Auto-Upload setting is enabled for the server connection.
  2. The Active Server setting is enabled for the server connection.
  3. The credentials for the server connection are correctly entered.
  4. The cartridge is for the current version of B2C Commerce.
  5. The server is configured to accept incoming connections.

Answer(s): A,D,E

Universal Containers specifies a new category hierarchy for navigating the digital commerce storefront. A Digital Developer uses Business Manager to manually create a catalog with the specified category hierarchy, then uses the Products & Catalogs > Import & Export module to export the catalog as a file.

How can other Developers with sandboxes on the same realm create the same catalog in their own sandboxes?

  1. Use Business Manager to upload and import a copy of the export file obtained from the original Developer.
  2. Use the remote upload capability of the Site Import & Export module of Business Manager.
  3. Use the import capability of the Site Import & Export module of Business Manager.
  4. Use the Business Manager Data Replication module to replicate the catalog from the original
    Developer’s sandbox.

Answer(s): C

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