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The following code ensures that an address ID CANNOT be used if it is already in use by another address in the customer’s address book. There is a problem with the code. The error message for an invalid address ID is never shown to the user on the form field.

How should the Digital Developer resolve this issue so that the error message is displayed on the address ID form field?

  1. addressForm.invalidateFormElement("addressid");
  2. addressForm.addresssid.invalidateFormElement = true;
  3. addressForm.invalidateFormElement(addressForm.addressid);
  4. addressForm.addresssid.invalidateFormElement();

Answer(s): D

Given the file structure below, which ISML method call renders the customLandingPage template?

  1. ISML.renderTamplate(‘cartridge/templates/default/content/custom/customLandingPage’);
  2. ISML(‘content/custom/customLandingPage’);
  3. ISML.render(‘content/custom/customLandingPage’);
  4. ISML.renderTemplate(‘content/custom/customLandingPage’);

Answer(s): D

A business user wants to add a link to a content page from within the body of another content asset. The target content asset ID is: terms-and-conditions.
Which link function generates the correct link?

  1. $include(‘Page-Include’, ‘cid’, ‘terms-and-conditions’)$
  2. $http(‘Content-Page’, ‘cid’, ‘terms-and-conditions’)$
  3. $httpUrl(‘Content-Show’, ‘cid’, ‘terms-and-conditions’)$
  4. $url(‘Page-Show’, ‘cid’, ‘terms-and-conditions’)$

Answer(s): C

Why should a Digital Developer use ProductSearchModel.getProducts() instead of Category.getOnlineProducts() to access products?

  1. It is more readable code.
  2. It has fewer lines of code.
  3. It uses the search index.
  4. It reduces accesses to the application server.

Answer(s): D

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