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A Digital Developer is adding support for an additional language other than the default. The locale code for the new language is de. In which folder should the developer place resource bundles?

  1. templates/de
  2. templates/default
  3. templates/resources
  4. templates/default/resources

Answer(s): C

Assume the code below is executing:

Business Manager has the configuration:
Active Log category is “root” with log level of “info.”

Given this information, what is the beginning of the filename in which the log will be written?

  1. xyz
  2. custominfo-blade
  3. custom-export
  4. custom-xyz

Answer(s): D

A Digital Developer wants pass control to an ISML template from a JavaScript Controller and load product on the pipeline dictionary with the name myProduct.
Which code sample will achieve this?

  1. ISML.renderTemlpate ( "helloworld.isml", { "myProduct": "product" });
  2. ISML.renderTemlpate ( "helloworld.isml", { "product": myProduct });
  3. ISML.renderTemlpate ( "helloworld.isml", { product: myProduct });
  4. ISML.renderTemlpate ( "helloworld.isml", { myProduct: product });

Answer(s): A

A Digital Developer has identified that the code segment below is causing performance problems.

What should the Developer do to improve the code?

  1. Use a system attribute instead of the isOnSaleFlag custom attribute.
  2. Avoid post-processing and use the isOnSaleFlag attribute as a search refinement.
  3. Breaks the process into separate loops.
  4. Avoid using an Iterator and use a Collection instead.

Answer(s): C

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