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Which three object types can a developer import using the Merchant Tools > Content > Import & Export module in Business Manager? (Choose three.)

  1. Content slots
  2. Images and other static assets
  3. Products
  4. Folders
  5. Content assets

Answer(s): A,C,D

Universal Containers recently completed updates to their storefront shopping cart page. A problem has been discovered since the update. Users are no longer able to submit coupon codes on this page. Additionally, authenticated users who try to add a coupon are logged out.
The following processing code is found in the Cart.js controller file:

What should the Developer verify to identify the issue?

  1. The CSRF cartridge is included in the site’s cartridge path.
  2. The form group has the secure attribute set to true.
  3. The CSRF token is present in the form and is being submitted in the request.
  4. The CSRF settings in Business Manager are properly configured.

Answer(s): C

A Digital Developer wants to selectively retrieve products and process them from an iPhone. Which action should the Developer take, given that JavaScript controllers CANNOT be used?

  1. Use import/export in Business Manager.
  2. Create a webservice to retrieve products.
  3. Use OCAPI and invoke it in native language.
  4. Use WebDAV Client to retrieve products.

Answer(s): D

A Digital Developer must give users the ability to choose an occasion (holiday, birthday, anniversary, etc.) for which gifts are currently being selected. The data needs to be persistent throughout the current shopping experience.
Which data store variable is appropriate, assuming there is no need to store the selection in any system or custom objects?

  1. Request scope variable
  2. Page scope variable
  3. Session scope variable
  4. Content slot variable

Answer(s): C

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