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UC has multiple SF orgs that are distributed across regional branches. Each branch stores local customer data inside its org's Account and Contact objects. This creates a scenario where UC is unable to view customers across all orgs.

UC has an initiative to create a 360-degreeview of the customer, as UC would like to see Account and Contact data from all orgs in one place.

What should a data architect suggest to achieve this 360-degree view of the customer?

  1. Consolidate the data from each org into a centralized datastore
  2. Use Salesforce Connect's cross-org adapter.
  3. Build a bidirectional integration between all orgs.
  4. Use an ETL tool to migrate gap Accounts and Contacts into each org.

Answer(s): A

Universal Containers has a requirement to store more than 100 million records in salesforce and needs to create a custom big object to support this business requirement.

Which two tools should a data architect use to build custom object?

  1. Use DX to create big object.
  2. Use Metadata API to create big object.
  3. Go to Big Object In setup select new to create big object.
  4. Go to Object manager In setup and select new to create big object.

Answer(s): B,C

UC is building a salesforce application to track contacts and their respective conferences that they have attended with the following requirements:

1. Contacts will be stored in the standard contact object.

2. Conferences will be stored in a custom conference__c object.

3. Each contact may attend multiple conferences and each conference may be related to multiple contacts.

How should a data architect model the relationship between the contact and conference objects?

  1. Implement a Contact Conference junction object with master detail relationship to both contact and conference__c.
  2. Create a master detail relationship field on the Contact object.
  3. Create a master detail relationship field on the Conference object.
  4. Create a lookup relationship field on contact object.

Answer(s): A

Which two statements are accurate with respect to performance testing a application?

  1. All applications must be performance tested in a sandbox as well as production.
  2. A performance test plan must be created and submitted to Salesforce customer support.
  3. Applications with highly customized code or large volumes should be performance tested.
  4. Application performance benchmarked in a sandbox can also be expected in production.

Answer(s): B,C

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