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What's the best way to describe the template-info.json file?

  1. It's a read-only file with all the user documentation for a template.
  2. It's the boss of the template with all the information needed to create the app.
  3. It makes sure that the app includes all the right Salesforce data.
  4. It's automatically populated every time you create an app from the template.

Answer(s): B


Why is it important to select the right root object when you use the dataset builder?

  1. The root object determines who can see the dataset.
  2. Only data from the root object can be included in the dataset.
  3. The root object determines what related objects you can add to the dataset.
  4. The root object determines what app the dataset is saved in.

Answer(s): C

Max story creations per org per day:

  1. 40 per org
  2. 40 per org per clay
  3. 20 per org
  4. 20 per org per clay

Answer(s): D

An insurance company has many Einstein Analytics dashboards that show the influence of weather, such as atmospheric temperature, on customer cases. A service agent commented that it is sometimes difficult to determine, by looking at a dashboard, whether the temperature data is reported in degrees Fahrenheit or in degrees Celsius.
How can a dashboard designer ensure the temperature data is easier to interpret on the dashboards?

  1. Add a text widget to the dashboard to indicate Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  2. Use the XMD node in the dataflow to customize the number format of the field.
  3. Customize the number format in the number widget properties of the dashboard.
  4. In Explorer, go to the Fields menu and then customize the number format of the measure.

Answer(s): A

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