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A data architect wants to use a dataflow transformation to implement row-level security that is based on role hierarchy in Salesforce. Which transformation should be used to level the dataset hierarchy'

  1. digest transformation
  2. flatten transformation
  3. delta transformation
  4. sfdcDigest transformation

Answer(s): B

You can get data into Einstein Discovery:

  1. By connecting a USB drive to your laptop
  2. By using an Einstein analytics dataset
  3. Only if your database administrator does it for you
  4. Only if Salesforce does it for you

Answer(s): B


Which of the following is true about the Service Analytics Overview dashboard?

  1. It instantly provides key metrics on open cases, average time to close, first contact resolution, and customer satisfaction.
  2. It lets you drill down to more detailed dashboards, like agent performance, channel review, and telephony metrics.
  3. It's available on desktop and mobile.
  4. It's a great place to start your analysis.
  5. All of the above.

Answer(s): E

The model quality metrics of an Einstein Discovery story indicate that the GINI coefficient in the four folds are 0.82, 0.83, 0.84, and 0.75, respectively.
Which two actions should a consultant take? Choose 2 answers

  1. Deploy the story, because the variation in the metrics is within the normal range.
  2. Confirm that the overall GINI coefficient is good prior to deploying the story.
  3. Research and check the dataset for outliers in the target field and the main predictors that are shown on top of the story.
  4. Do not deploy the story immediately, and research why one fold is performing worse than the others.

Answer(s): B,D

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