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Permissions of which 2 internal users are used by Analytics to gain access to Salesforce data?

  1. Each user has a corresponding Profile assigned (Analytics Cloud Integration User and Analytics Cloud Security User profiles).
  2. When you query a dataset that has row-level security based on the User object, Analytics uses the permissions of the Security User to access the User object and its fields.
  3. Analytics uses the permissions of the Integration User to extract data from Salesforce objects and fields when a dataflow job runs.

Answer(s): A,B,C

What's the magic of faceting?

  1. It binds charts together so that selecting something in one chart filters other charts by that choice.
  2. It shifts the time period of the chart you're viewing.
  3. It turns the dataflow on and off.
  4. It creates a chart that shows all the faces of your data in a diamond chart.

Answer(s): A

In the context of Analytics, what is faceting?

  1. Representing the number of widgets on a dashboard
  2. Filtering all related widgets in a dashboard by your selection
  3. Something only programmers can access
  4. Measuring the number of significant digits of precision for a particular metric
  5. Choosing the color of the background in a graph

Answer(s): B

What can you change in a Compare Table formula column?

  1. The filters
  2. The measure
  3. The grouping
  4. The formula and the name

Answer(s): D

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