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Refer to the graphic.

Einstein found a recommendation to improve the story: apparently there are two variables that behave the same. Given there is no additional information, what is the correct action?

  1. Retain Promotion; it is an actionable variable and without it, we cannot recommend prescriptive actions.
  2. Cancel this story and redefine the dataset.
  3. Retain Amount; not knowing the size of a deal makes it hard to predict if will be won.
  4. Do nothing; they appear to be similar, but there might be differences from the business perspective.

Answer(s): A

A company wants to build a webpage that displays KPIs that can be derived from values in datasets stored in Einstein Analytics. How can an Einstein Analytics consultant derive those KPIs from those datasets?

  1. Use the Analytics External Data API and leverage the "query" resource.
  2. Export the dataset as an XLS file and use the Einstein Analytics Connector for Excel.
  3. Use the Analytics REST API and leverage the -query" resource.
  4. Export the dataset as a CSV file and load it to an external database.

Answer(s): A

A company's Salesforce org has multi-currency enabled. This company's business intelligence team used Einstein Analytics to build a dataflow that creates a dataset, "OpportunityDataSet". This dataset is populated with data extracted from the standard object, Opportunity. One of the extracted fields is the standard field, Amount.
If a user explores the "OpportunityDataSet" in Einstein Analytics, in which currency will the Amount values be shown?

  1. In the connected user's currency
  2. In the integration user's currency
  3. In the currency that is set on the "currency" attribute in the dataset
  4. In the currency that is set on the "currency" attribute in the dataflow

Answer(s): B


In an org, some of the Activity records do not have related Opportunity records. Additionally, there are Opportunity records that do not have related Activity records.
Which SAQL statement will fetch all Opportunities, even if they don't have associated Activities, and fetch related Activity data, if it exists?

  1. q = cogroup Opportunity by 'Id', Activities by 'Opportunityld';
  2. q = cogroup Opportunity by 'Id', Activities by 'Opportunityld' left;
  3. q = cogroup Opportunity by 'Id' right, Activities by 'Opportunityld';
  4. q = cogroup Opportunity by 'Id' left, Activities by 'Opportunityld';

Answer(s): D


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