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A consultant built an Einstein Analytics app for the Sales Operations team. The Sales Operations team wants to share their app with other people at the company. The consultant recommends distributing the app as an Einstein Analytics template app.
A set of JSON files will be generated after a template is created from the Sales Operations app. What is the name of the JSON file that manages template metadata and all other template elements'

  1. ui.json
  2. template-to-app-rules.json
  3. aster- info.j son
  4. template-info.json

Answer(s): D

Universal Containers has a dashboard for Sales Managers to visualize the YoY Growth of their customers- The formula used is: YoY = [(This Year - Last Year) / Last Year] %
Based on the graphic, when there is no account in the Last Year column, the YoY Growth shows null results.
The Sales Managers want to replace it with 100% value.
What is the correct function to use?

  1. replace()
  2. number_to_string()
  3. coalesce()
  4. substr()

Answer(s): D

The Universal Containers Einstein Analytics team built a dashboard with two widgets:
1. List widget associated to the step "Type_2" and grouped by the dimension "Type" (multi-selection)
2. Pie chart widget associated to the step "Step_pie_3" and grouped by the dimension "Type"
The team wants to use bindings so any selection in the List widget will filter the Pie chart.
Additional notes:
* The steps use different datasets.
* Users should be able to choose more than one Type (multi-selection).
What is the right syntax for the binding?

  1. Option A
  2. Option B
  3. Option C
  4. Option D

Answer(s): C

Which three statements are true regarding sharing inheritance? Choose 3 answers

  1. If a user can see more than 3,000 records on the object in Salesforce, but the user does not have the "View All Data" permission,
    sharing inheritance is not used. The backup security predicate takes effect. This limitation does not apply to the Opportunity object.
  2. Sharing inheritance supports Account, Campaign, Case, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Order, User, and custom objects. If you use
    other objects, such as Idea or Site, you must use security predicates for those objects.
  3. A dataset using sharing must also have a security predicate defined.
  4. Sharing inheritance supports a foreign key for enforcing security.
  5. When sharing inheritance is enabled, security predicates are ignored.

Answer(s): A,B,C


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