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Maximum concurrent API Analytics calls per org

  1. 200
  2. 500
  3. 100
  4. 50

Answer(s): C

A consultant is asked to create a dashboard for sales to see the forecasted sales per product family. After gathering the requirements, the consultant decides to leverage the timeseries SAQL statement to predict sales.
Which two actions must be performed when writing the SAQL query?
Choose 2 answers

  1. Determine if the timeseries required parameter, prediction interval, should be 80 or 95.
  2. Investigate which prediction model is best for the data available.
  3. Validate that there is enough data in the dataset to make a good prediction.
  4. Include the fill SAQL statement to fill any missing dates.

Answer(s): B,D

A client has a dashboard for Sales Managers. They want to have a list filter that shows the name of the month. However, based on the "CloseDate_Month" field, the list filter shows numbers instead of names.
How can an Einstein Consultant use the Dataflow nodes to generate the name of month as a new dimension in the dataset?

  1. flatten
  2. compute Relative
  3. compute Expression
  4. append

Answer(s): C

What is an Analytics app?

  1. A specialized version of the Einstein Analytics platform that runs outside of Salesforce
  2. Analytics for iPad
  3. A collection of datasets, dashboards, lenses, and a dataflow
  4. The blueprint for your org's Einstein Analytics implementation

Answer(s): C

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