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Universal Containers (UC) uses a custom lightning component with an Apex class to display shipment information (custom object, private OWD). UC sales managers are complaining about two important points:

Shipment records that belong to their teams can be seen by other users.
Shipment amount should be visible only by managers, but sales reps are able to view it.

Which two features did the development team miss that is causing the problems?

Choose 2 answers.

  1. Use runAs in test class to enforce user permissions and field-level permissions.
  2. Use With Sharing keyword in Apex classes to enforce sharing rules evaluation.
  3. Use isSharable keyword in Apex classes to assure record visibility.
  4. Use isAccessible() method in Apex classes to check field accessibility

Answer(s): B,D

Universal Containers (UC) is a fast-growing company that sells containers globally. It has thousands of dealerships throughout the world where local dealers service containers. UCimplemented a new Partner Community for its dealers. Each dealership has a dealer manager who manages the service agents. The community-sharing model is private.

What is the optimal option to give dealer managers visibility to customer cases only raised by their service agents?

  1. Change external organization-wide default of case object to public read only.
  2. Create a sharing rule to share cases created by service agents with their dealer manager.
  3. Using the role hierarchy, the cases raised by service agents will be visible to their relevant dealer managers.
  4. Create a sharing set to share cases created by serviceagents with their dealer manager.

Answer(s): D

Sales manager at universal containers (UC) have requested viewing customer invoices in Salesforce. Invoice data is mastered in the ERP system. The architect at UC decided to surface the customer invoices in salesforce using external objects and did the following:

-Configured an external object called Invoice.

-Created a lookup relationship between account and the invoice.

How can thearchitect grant the sales managers access to the customer invoices data?

  1. By creating sharing rules to share the invoices records with users in sales mangers roles.
  2. By creating manual sharing to share invoices with relevant sales managers.
  3. By creating controlling the invoices object permission on the sales manager's profile.
  4. By creating a sharing set to share invoices with users in sales manager role.

Answer(s): C

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing Sales Cloud. During the final quarter of the financialyear, sales managers help each other close deals. They requested a solution in Salesforce to allow them to share opportunities with other sales managers from different teams as needed. They also requested that sharing deals should expire automatically twoweeks after the new fiscal year starts.

Which two options to propose a solution to meet the requirements? Choose 2 answers

  1. Apex Sharing to share opportunities with sales managers.
  2. Scheduled Apex job to remove access.
  3. Opportunity team to share opportunities with sales managers.
  4. Sharing Rules to share opportunities with sales managers.

Answer(s): B,C

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